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must get on with the van.

13-11-08, 16:16
just messing with my avatar. really must get on with the van.I: does anyone else feel the same as me.. got loads to do, long dark nights and im runing low on heating oil. there in lies the conundrum.

maybe ill get out there tomorrow. wish me luck..

13-11-08, 16:52
im the same too much to do but so little time,dark - pi:cg of rain,wish i had a house with a garageLOL:

13-11-08, 16:58
Same :(

Makes me realise I should have got on with the van this summer!

13-11-08, 17:15
yeah me too got a new van havent even had a chance to polish it yet between dark nights wet weekends and the other half dragging me here and there wimin just dont understand the need for van time I:

13-11-08, 17:16
I must have luck on my side as i can use the full work shop at work going to carpet and wire her this weekend bed made windows cut out all at work only got the van in September not bad so far i think T:

13-11-08, 17:22
T4 TOAD that looks awesome! Especially the kickboard!

Ive seen you in Gods before T:

Is this you?

Do you know of anywhere to rent workshop wise around Godalming? Its just for a few weeks to finish some stuff off on Matilda? Could I rent some time in your workshop? Im sorry for asking but im a bit stuck at the mo!