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i need anew wing mirror

14-11-08, 13:03
some f***er has just smashed my wing mirror off so not a happy chappie.It as broke the ballsocket that holds the mirror on and cant get a new one intill next week and has i have no rear view mirror so it makes it a bit of a job to drive and reverse:c:c
Plus they didnt stop surpriseingly:c
Only place i can find one is vw van in bristol can any one surrgest any were else to try they are only 4 but cant get to wednesday.


14-11-08, 13:18
german and swedish. VW dealership, e bay, T4 forum T:

14-11-08, 13:26
Check out Baxters site....


14-11-08, 23:28
Just got back home and noticed some thevin :c pikey has robbed the glass out my drivers side wing mirror! Nothing is sacred. Thanks for the link.

15-11-08, 00:06
Ade at T4srus has Mirrors complete and mirror glass as far as I know ?