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Oh No Im Tempted Again ..........

15-11-08, 09:08
found this while trawling german ebay if my van sells it will be all i can do to stop myself i feel a euro trip coming on

15-11-08, 10:39
it never seems to stop,1 thing after another with t4s :)

15-11-08, 10:47
thats so cool!!!H:

good idea though!

15-11-08, 11:29
been itching for one of those....:cool::cool:

15-11-08, 13:08
just sold my blue velle so

you never know T:

steve padda
15-11-08, 16:35
Hi vw addict
you have a pm

15-11-08, 16:44
now, we know the current trailer is been sold but surely this has to be in the runnings!!!

(not starting arguments please)

15-11-08, 17:09
very nice, but dare I say a tad expensive??!

15-11-08, 19:08
its gone up a 100 since yesterday too im asuming its down to the exchange rate

marine boy
16-11-08, 23:29
Maybe a XLWB conversion?


16-11-08, 23:33
ha ha ha quality use of photoshop!

---> VWADDICT im currently breaking my lwb van if you fancy the chassis / shell to make your own! ha ha

17-11-08, 20:22
excellent bit of work there marine boy didnt realise you lived so close when you picked up spoiler should keep in touch dude theres a meet coming up soon .
that could be an idea wayne may get back to you on that

17-11-08, 21:28
no worries mate, but lemme know asap as scrapping the van soon :)

Rhosneigr Gaz
17-11-08, 21:56
dont be so daft, waste of time over here, it will be LHD!

18-11-08, 18:26
dont be so daft, waste of time over here, it will be LHD!

it doesnt have a steering wheel gaz you plonker LOL:

Rhosneigr Gaz
18-11-08, 18:33
it doesnt have a steering wheel gaz you plonker LOL:
You don't say?!
Its its identical to the one we're doing, cutting tommorow if the fabricator pulls his finger out!, will post pics asap!

18-11-08, 19:14
still think theyre too heavy though

Rhosneigr Gaz
18-11-08, 19:26
still think theyre too heavy though
Ur probably right but we'll see! It is all a bit trial and error tbh! If it is we'll re asses it then! Still fun tho!

18-11-08, 20:07
you just dont no what to get up to LOL:LOL:LOL: