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advice on t4 2.5 petrol

16-11-08, 23:33
I have looked at a 2.5 5cyl petrol . what i want to know is when i took the oil cap off thire was cream sluge on the cap and down the filler pipe , is this condensasion or head gasket gone , also the temp gage and petrol gage did not work , after a run the fans were going full blast for a long time , , thanks bigmac,

steve padda
17-11-08, 05:07
Did you check on the dip stick and also in the water header tank to see if the tell tale oil and water mixing were present.
You can buy a sniffer kit which will change colours if there are exhaust gases present in the water system. but is not cheap.
Ask the vendor if it can be taken to a local garage mechanic for inspection and testing and see what the reaction is and agree who will pay for the inspection

Good luck


28-11-08, 13:34
Clean it off and see if it comes back.

Can just be from standing / short trips.