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fitting AA van rear seats to panel van?

17-11-08, 19:14
I am in the process of buying a 2.5 lwb van, my intention is to get windows put in and a set of seats for the kiddies. I've done some research and these seats seem to be quite expensive. I have seen several sets of ex AA van rear seats for sale and these seem to be quite a bargain. Will they fit easily, or are the floorpans for vans and combi vans different? Also, will there be a mounting point for the three point belt?

Many thanks


17-11-08, 19:22
If you need 2 seat belts an AA seat is not the best option. As you only get one 3 point belt.

Not sure about middle row seat belt mountings in Panel Vans, someone will be along who does though T:

17-11-08, 19:23
Sorry forgot to say, fitting an ex AA in a panel van is no problem.

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17-11-08, 22:43
the seat will go in no probs as neal says, but you might have probs with the seat belts. the double seat has a three point belt on the drivers side seat, and the middle seat has a lap belt as there is nowhere for the upper mount. the top mount on the seat nearest the window is strengthened on window vans and caravelles, but not on panel vans, so you may have to get it strengthened, there are some threads about this on here....good luck with it.