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Does this sound reasonable ?

20-11-08, 18:46
hi guys,
How does this sound ?
new rear pads supplied and fitted
4 new tyres fitted to the rims (supplied by me)
T4s R US -85mm kit fitted (supplied by me)

220 + VAT (or i think he said 220 for cash)
and if it needs rear discs, another 90 quid

So what do you think - Deal or no deal

20-11-08, 18:51
i pay 5 per rim for tyres fitting
pads are about 10-15 mins per side
rear springs + shocks 10-15 mins per side?
front shocks 25 mins per side?

id say a little steep!

20-11-08, 19:10
Everythin's a little steep down saaarf mate...
Charging 12 quid to put tyres on..
pads are 40 quid in dat 220

and he said he's got a T4 and he likes mine ! (he MOT'd it)