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Photo editing software, which one??

23-11-08, 20:29
Any pointers on an easy to use photo editing software. I want to put the ideas from my head onto paper! :D

Including swapping wheels over, etc.

23-11-08, 20:37
everyone uses it
its unreal what you can do on that thing

23-11-08, 20:53
This is a good web site for how to use photoshop for tutorials on how to do mods and colour changing etc,

23-11-08, 20:55
Have a look at getting a Wacom tablet. These are pen and pad systems that go in a USB port and give you a pressure sensitive pen. They make drawing SO much more natural and most editing software will allow for pressure sensitivity. It often is packaged with Adobe Elements software. The Wacom 'Bamboo' looks rather nice.

Photoshop IS excellent, but a pukka version is VERY expensive. Learning curve is quite steep unless you have background in design, but there are some excellent tutorials on you tube and Itunes. You can download a trial of photoshop.

My background is 12 years as a photo re-toucher using Quantel Paintbox systems retouching for movies and advertising and we used the Wacom tablet from day one. (Gave it up ages ago, to come back to the UK) I can hardly believe I can now buy an A5 tablet and pen for 1/3rd the price the pen cost back then! Mind you flatbed scanners cost 12,000 when I started! :D:D:D:D

Now I can do all my website needs on a laptop, along with Macromedia Dreamweaver. And an older a6 Graphire Wacom tablet.

How people draw with a mouse only is beyond me....

Jim Doodle
23-11-08, 21:08
photoshop just released CS4 get a free trial I:

It's all about a mouse! a tablet is good for hand drawing stuff, but you can do that with a pencil if you want.

marine boy
23-11-08, 21:15
I normally use a program called Photostudio, it came completely free with a PC magazine many years ago. At least 5 years old, but it still does what i need. Photoshop is brilliant, but it is overly complicated for the average user. Photostudio is still capable of fairly complex editing tasks, see below.

I also did all of the "shrink to fit" vans in this thread: