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Number plate/private reg

ole carter
26-11-08, 16:20
For sale is the plate off my van....

T4 ON VW......(T40 NVW)

If there are any interested parties drop me a mail.... not sure on price make me an offer.

( I don't think there are many T4 plates left.........)

Cheers Andy

ole carter
30-11-08, 12:45
Great chrissy prezzy to put in the other halfs christmas stocking.......

Big Bad Bear
30-11-08, 12:47
Ok Andy il start the bidding I:


30-11-08, 15:44
interesting plate mate but i just looked on dvla theres 50 pages of numbers starting with t4
have you got a price in mind?

ole carter
01-12-08, 17:04
Correct there are a few...... but T4 plates with VW on arn't..

looking for bout 500 for the plate,Ive seen lesser styled plates go for more..

Cheers Andy