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Finally got it back

28-11-08, 20:04
Well ive finally got me van back after nearly 3 months in the garage getting the motor fixed but was i shocked when i saw the state of it paint all scratched on passenger door front bumper, grill broken and a big scuff on the drivers wheel arch not happy and then to top it all i ran out of diesel right on a round about on the way home :(:(:(

28-11-08, 20:25
:eek:That don't sound good, what you going to do about it? 3 months is a long time.

28-11-08, 20:38
Gonna see if the guy is gonna stump up for the damage if not a visit from some friends might be in order:D

28-11-08, 20:49
Yeah, well hopefully he'll sort it for you. I'd be well :* off if I were you. Especially with being without it for 3 months! Hope you get it sorted without any problems. Did you mention it when you picked it up? What did they say?

28-11-08, 21:20
I never picked it up they dropped it off at me mates yard and it was him who spotted the damage after they had made a quick exit on the plus side wot he charged me for the amount of mechanical work required must have out them out of pocket heres a run down
new cam
head gasket
fit recon pump
heater plugs
all for 400
very reasonable van runs sweet now just looks like a bag of s:*e

28-11-08, 22:44
that does sound cheap but no excuse for the damage. lush looking rig as well. sacraledge.:(