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To Vent or not to vent

29-11-08, 20:32
Does anyone know why some T4's have the 3 line engine vents and some don't. It doesn't seem to relate to year or engine size? Can anyone throw some light on it for me? many thanks from a soon to be proud T4 owner.

29-11-08, 20:36
That shoud say 5 line not 3..

29-11-08, 20:37
I'm assuming the early pre facelift t4's didn't have the vents which I believe are an air intake for the filter. Someone will now tell me I'm wrong:).

team french
29-11-08, 20:40
think its something like post 96 vans ave em:dunno:

29-11-08, 21:33
I am looking at buying an 03 plate and it is grilleless yet I see other 03 's with grilles... oh boy oh boy.

29-11-08, 21:37
non turbo's = no vent
td;s = vent

29-11-08, 21:41
Thank you.

29-11-08, 23:00
Ive tried searching threads and googling but can't find any info on 2.5d engines. Does any one have any info on what these are like?

team french
30-11-08, 08:16
2.4d, 2.5tdi, which one are you after?