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Dash lights upgrade early T4 anyone???

29-11-08, 21:36
I've been wanting to upgrade the lights on my dash board from the dull green to the blue which is on newer models - I want to change heater dials, fog lights and head light switches!! I've taken the heater switch unit out and prized it open to see that the bulbs have been soldered to the receivers (if that makes sense)!! I dont have to change the speed dials as i've bought the plasma dials to go over them!

Has anyone upgraded or re soldered blue bulbs??

Any pics would be great!! :ILU:

29-11-08, 21:53
Oh sorry it's a 91 plate so prob same up to 96 model?


29-11-08, 22:17
mines a 93 so would be interested too

29-11-08, 22:19
Someone must av done it cosha mate - hopefully they'll be along soon!!

30-11-08, 07:29

What about this, I will get round to doing mine at some time

30-11-08, 09:29
i did look at them a few times, but i dont know if that covers the leds at the bottom the really cack red ones!

30-11-08, 14:59
I've just bought 1 of them - ait fitted it yet tho - looks pretty good tho and it's plasma so doesn't need any lights shining on it!

I'm just wanting to do all the switches and knobs with background lights but it looks as though bulbs are soldered inside the unit!! :eek:

30-11-08, 16:54
done this on mine and it took about an hour and looks the dogs danglies in the dark or daylight*<:-)>

30-11-08, 17:10
Yep I've put those plasma dials in my van aswell, they're great & don't take long to fit, have thought about doing the rest of the dials etc but the thought is to much like hard work for me just know & I'm liking the grenn to be honest, I have my dials on green instead of blue. Blue is common as muck everyone's going that route! H: