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Tent or van?

29-11-08, 22:11
We've got our van kitted out with a set of caravelle seats in,so i was wondering what do you do in this situation,do you have seperate tent or do you have awning,bearing in mind we've got 2 kids under 5. Your thoughts on this would be good because we've already got decent size tent and wouldnt want to get to camping weekend and look odd one out!!!!!!

29-11-08, 22:15
There will be tents awnings and those little diddly caravans (puck?) you won't stand out fella T:

29-11-08, 23:12
The beauty of our meets and many campsites is the diversity of the kit and the different needs of the each and every one. So get a set up that suits you - job done!

You'll probably find your needs change anyway.

fred 0191
30-11-08, 07:02
we have an awning it suit us as it keeps the cooking outsid of the van

30-11-08, 07:26
My Caravelle would fit inside the tent we use I: You need a BIG one when you have 3 teenage kids :D

30-11-08, 07:52
What about one of these A:


30-11-08, 08:33
What about one of these A:


i look at roof tents all the time on the internet-im so tempted i think they are great if there is 3 or 4 of yousA:

30-11-08, 08:56
well as ive got 3 kids and the other half has 2 a camper is no use to us so we have the 7 seats and use a huge khyam 12 man tent can fit the van and the trailer inside it LOL:

30-11-08, 09:00
if you've already got a decent tent no sense in spending money on an awning.
we camp in the tent and just use the bus as a day van. suits us fine.