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Can Anyone Help Me?

30-11-08, 00:09
I've wanted to get a VW T4 and do it all up myself for a while and just haven't had the money and now I do.
I was thinking about getting an old sparkies panel van, gettin it sprayed surf blue adding a body kit and doing up the inside. i wanted to put a bench down the side and across the back that would work its way into a double bed.
Putting in a decent sound system and putting 2 captains chairs in the front that spun round. I was also thinking of putting a flat screen in there on the oppisite wall if you get me.
Does this sound like a good idea and are there any pointers you can give me to help me along the way. Anything would be a great help.

Thanks, surf_T4

Jim Doodle
30-11-08, 00:19
You've come to the right place!!

Sounds like a sound plan, you will find all the help you need here. If i were you i would look at ex AA vans, well serviced, 2.5tdi good vans, and a fair few about.

what is your budget?

30-11-08, 08:25
Hi, welcome to the forum H:, as long as everything you do is secure and safe, it sounds like a great idea, so many possibilities with the T4, the only drawback sometimes is your own imagination. check out our website for some ideas

30-11-08, 08:32
welcome to the forum, you have started in the right place, have a look around and im sure you will find some great ideas ans answers to your questions, the search link at the top is great for you to get straight to what you are looking for, enjoyJ:

30-11-08, 09:02
welcome to the forum beware its addictive and can seriously damage your wallet