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Securing Subboxes......?????

30-11-08, 19:01
Hi all, treated myself to a sub and amp for my van, throwback to my boy racer days, the missus hates it but I love it:D:ILU:Rasp:

Anyway, I've got the sub in the back behind my Multivan rear seat but need to find a way to secure the sub box to stop it moving about and getting damaged.

I don't want to screw anything into the box or drill holes in my van as I have nice flooring in it but so far the only idea I've had is to use 2 bit of angle iron bolted to the floor and use a ratchet strat to secure it down from the angle iron, but this means drilling holes in my floor:(

Has anyone got any other ideas??????

Thanks for any help:ILU:


30-11-08, 19:15
velcro strips tend to work well