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Own up, which numpty paid a fortune for the bonded side glass?

01-12-08, 19:50
As most of you will know there is a certain retailer on ebay selling nice looking bonded limo tint side windows, i'll be getting some myself shortly.

They are 69.99 buy it now, each.

last week there was an auction for a pair of them, starting at 10. I'd bid up to 104, thought i might bag a xmas bargain.

Oh how i chucked to see that they went for 206 in the end! a clear 66 more than they could have been bought for simply by err, ringing them up and ordering them, or hitting the buy it now on their other auction.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick here or what? or are people really that thick?

Rhosneigr Gaz
01-12-08, 19:53
people are thick! Gloveboxes, sidestep covers, windows etc etc.

01-12-08, 19:55
there cheaper from vw ;)

01-12-08, 19:58
could be a window fetishist :dunno:

01-12-08, 20:31
needed new ones in a hurry... the rubber and glass combo ahh the smell of it...two of them together touching... not like the old ones all used and stained....no one wants them now.....

01-12-08, 20:32
guess who has just paid 220 for some tissues?

01-12-08, 20:41
I think some peoples perception of ebay. Is that every buy will give them a bargain . Its only after they have won and the feel good factor has worn off they wake up to find they could of got it cheaper if they had looked a bit harder . Trick it to find the real price first then bid .

01-12-08, 20:41
I've often been watching items on ebay and they end up going for more than they cost when new or whatever. Think people go bidding madH:

01-12-08, 20:56
i have made that mistake in the past but luckily did not get stung too bad, (paid about 15 over the odds including postage) for a head torch i could have bought at the local shop!
since then I have always done a good bit of research..

recently looking for a solar panel kit and found the same kit from different suppliers can be as much as 120 difference.

a good tip i have found when looking on google for a particular product is = as a rule of thumb the ones that are listed first (paid a lot for top billing in search results) tend to cost more sometimes a great deal more!

look further down the listings and you will find suppliers with lower prices,