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T4 / t5 bhp

stella fella
02-12-08, 17:38
Not sure if this is the right forum....... maybe i should post in the T5 forum.....

I used to have a 2.5tdi 88bhp t4 (black) and loved it. I'm in the market for another transporter. As its for work i am going to get a T5 cos it will be newer. Been looking for a 1.9 85 bhp, the basic engine. i'm keen to know how this will compare with my old t4 for performance. Don't think i need the 2.5 this time cos the bhp is 130.

Any advice welcome

02-12-08, 17:54
85s can be bought for good money, performance wise, the 85ps will go better that an 88ps T4 in my opinion, (can of worms opened)

stella fella
02-12-08, 18:09
Thanks for the reply. That surprises me as the engine is smaller.
Anyone else confirm this?

02-12-08, 18:11
The engine is totally different, newer technology. I have driven 85/104 and 88/102 within the last week, out of them all I would get the 104, but I would miss the growl of my 2.5 T5

02-12-08, 20:07
The t5 is heavier than the t4
Somthing to consider!

04-12-08, 09:10
I've driven a 85bhp T5, it was only a few hundred miles old so maybe still all a bit "tight", but for my pennyworth it was more gutless than my 88 t4 in standard trim, made harder work of hills etc.

04-12-08, 21:04
I have driven a T5 1.9 105 , and in comparison with my T4 2.5 102 it feld so slow . I'm sure my old ('02) T4 102 is faster than the newer (and especcially heavier) T5 .
It feld like the handling of my T4 was better than the T5 .