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Selling My Van!

02-12-08, 20:36
Can anyone offer any advice, I've been trying to put my van up inthe t4 for sale section and I get the 'administrator needs to check it' message. How long should it normally take? Do these guys check the site regularly? I've since seen other peoples vans go up for sale, am I doing something wrong??


02-12-08, 22:04
You have done nothing wrong so bud it must be checked before being put into FS section

Admin do check as and when they can but they have full time jobs as well so patience is appreciated :ILU:

02-12-08, 22:08
Ok Ta, I thought I had to take my membership to another level or sumin like that in order to be acepted! Thanks for the quick response fella!!

06-12-08, 17:38

Still not on here, what's going on? Could someone 'on the team' respond to my emails at least, I am a little confused?

06-12-08, 17:48
Try sending a PM to Jim Doodle on here mate, he might sort it out T:

06-12-08, 21:05
Anyways heres the ebay item number, check it out!!


Not meaning to be contraversial also sure if I'm allowed to put this on here but I'm sure you'll understand.