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exhaust holiage

04-12-08, 12:36
i have a hole in my exhaust :( seeing as moneys a bit tight a the mo i was wondering whats the best quick fix? (i know a new one would be best)

fred 0191
04-12-08, 13:01
depends where the hole is mate:D

04-12-08, 13:26
Exshaust putty, baked bean tin and a couple of jubilee clips, job sorted :ILU:

04-12-08, 17:35
i did a simular thing,

before having a full stainless one fitted as i had a hole,

while having a quote in the garage he wrapped a samco air hose round the hole after puttin putty in the hole and jubliee clips either side, worked a treat for a few weeks til it was booked in, would of lasted longer too