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My van keeps cutting out!!

04-12-08, 15:33
I have had my Ex AA 2.5TDI van for about 14 months now and have had no problems with is at all.... until saturday.
I was doing about 75-80 down the A419 in swindon when my van just cut out on me without any warning at all. I stuck the hazards on and managed to get off the dual carriage way and ground to a hault. I tried to start it again and it just kept turning over. I got out and looked under the bonnet but everything seemed ok. I tried to started it again and it still just turned over. I left it for a few more minutes and trued it again and it just started up no prombem at all, didnt even struggle.
I carried on driving it all weekend and it had been fine up until today. I drove it 4 miles to work this morning, went to reverse into a space, and it cut out again. Same as before i tried to start it and it just turned over and did nothing again, i left it for a few minutes again, tried to start it and again it fired up without a struggle. Then at about 11-30 this morning it did it again, i ground to a stop in a lay-by, tried it a few times, then left it for a few minutes and it started and has been ok the rest of the day.
I took it to my local garage where they plugged in their computer which found no faults. They also did a test to check the head gasket and that was fine too.
Im thinking it maybe fuel related like ****e in the filter or something.
Has anyone had a simlier problem of know what it might be as im off to Bournemouth to see KINGS OF LEON next weekend and if it dies on me on the way there i might just cry.
Hope someone can help!!

04-12-08, 17:40
Had the same trouble with my ex AA, except it's only happened once so far.

Checked the Fuel Pump Relay by taking it out, pulling it apart and working out which terminals did what. Then with an old battery a few wires and a multi meter checked if it was doing what it should. All ok.
Could only think it was the AA fitted Immobiliser (Marple?) gone funny, I took it out and rewired everything back to standard. Hasn't done it since.
But, plugged in a code reading thing on the weekend and it's showing a Coolant Temp Sender fault. My Mechanic friend says he's seen that fault cause starting and running problems in the past.
Wierd thing is my van seems to start and run fine at the moment. I'm going to change the Temp Sender any way just to be safe.

Maybe some of these things are the same trouble as yours.

Happy hunting!:gl

05-12-08, 16:07
Where r these relays then. think id better check them. and where is the immobliser? the place i got it from told me they had taken it out. It does act like its an immobiliser playing up.
Though it hasnt done it since yesterday lunchtime

16-01-09, 22:18
I had the same problem on my t4, it was the relay. The glow plug light would come on whilst driving and I lost power. The way I worked it out was one day feeling the relays when I lost power and nearly burned my finger on one, got a new one from vw and haven't had a problem in 5 years.