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Help I have sprung a leak !!

white van Al
05-12-08, 07:34
Can one of you fine chaps please enlighten me as to what is leaking on my van.

I changed the glow plugs earlier in the week and after looking at the one nearest the battery i decided not to bother with that one. Whilst trying to figure how to get at it i unplugged an electrical connector that was directly above it, and now coolant is leaking from behind that connector when i wiggle it. Is this some sort of thermostat or something as it looks like it goes into a metal casting that the coolant lines run too.

From what i can see its held in with a big circlip but when i wiggle it coolant leaks. I have shoved it back in as far as i can and the leak stops.

Obviously i dont want to leave it if its going to keep leaking so is this an easy fix??

Any help much appreciated

05-12-08, 09:19
I thinks it's a coolant temperature sensor and its sealed with an O ring. The O rings develop a bit of a flat on them where they seal but turning them round usually does the trick.

The sensor is held in with a wire clip so you'l probably need to remove the clip, take out the sensor and then you can usually (carefully) remove the O ring and re-fit it the other way round. Give the O ring a light smear of grease and re-fit the sensor. Obviously you'll loose some coolang so you'll need to drain some first for re-use or top up with fresh anti freeze.

05-12-08, 12:15
smear of grease

Use Vaseline, some greases will corrode O rings