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MASSIVE shout to 'Wheel Mania' in Birmingham!!

05-12-08, 12:06
Just needed to give a huge vote of thanks to these lot, what with all the horror stories you normally hear about suppliers, etc.

I bid for (and won - for an unbelievable 142) a set of Audi A6/A8 alloys (the dished/polished ones) with tyres (load rated too) and they've just arrived.

There was a mix up with the courier - but even that only cost 25, whereas some wheel places (and private sellers) charge 50 or more - but anyway - the wheels........

They are quite simply excellent. There's some pretty minor kerbing to the front two and the tyres are a little more worn around the edges (but good for probably another 12 months or so, especially as they're going on the back of the van), but the back two are immaculate - I'd go as far as to say one could pass as being new, as i'ts unmarked! The tyres on the rears are again superb.

And they even through in the wheel bolts - including a set of locking bolts too (with the key!)

Chuffed to monkeys!!


BTW - the E Bay listing (for as long as it's around) - 290276988801