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mazda bongo pop top on t4

05-12-08, 18:10
has anyone ever giving a go to fitting a bongo roof to a t4 as there are some bongos in salvage yards ?????????

05-12-08, 18:14
Yep there is a guy around me with one ,I think he is on here but cant remember his name

paul ss
05-12-08, 18:16
thought about it as could not justify the amont they want for pop tops for t4 but they are bit longer on the roof so need some cutting to make fit .

am curently talking to a freind that has a genuine pop top for a t4 about making some up but either to busy or dont seam that intrested in the money shame as i would like one

05-12-08, 18:25
Have a look here clicky (