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Leisure Battery - 105Ah 'as new' condition

07-12-08, 18:25

I have a 105Ah deep-cycle 12V battery that I bought to go under the bonnet but when I finally got round to doing the electrics found it wouldn't fit alongside the starter. I bought a smaller one so this one is now redundant.

I've used it a couple of times free-standing in the van for not more than a few hours and I've not charged it since new. I have used it once to jump start the van.

I bought it from Tayna in January this year for around 90 but I see they've dropped to around 75 now. Full details for it can be found on the Tayna website here:


It's as new so I'd be looking for around 40 - collection only.

Thanks for looking

mark freer
07-12-08, 19:16
can i have first dibs please and will collect are you around day time at all ,

07-12-08, 21:24
Mark - you have a pm.

07-12-08, 21:33
second dibs if it doesn't go

10-12-08, 21:08
Sold to Mark F.