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Bulkhead, to remove or not to remove?

07-12-08, 19:29
I've got a dilemma. My T4 has a full factory fitted bulkhead, no window.

Initially I was thinking "that has to go" and was going to cut the lot out. Then I got to thinking that the lower half might be useful to fix things to without them rattling around in the back.

Now I'm thinking that the heater would never ever be able to fill the whole van, and at this time of year I'd be freezing.

I suppose it's a bit sure to have the bulkhead if you have people sat in the back, even with a window....


Roleur Coaster
07-12-08, 19:41
I've got a fully insulated camper conversion and ordinary heater is well up to heating whole of van, seems to retain heat very well, but like a thermos flask i spose!

Hope this helps.

ps. Haven't got a bulkhead!


07-12-08, 20:46
I have a half bulkhead. I have built a unit across the van which is screwed to the bulkhead so it is solid, (inc small cupboard, sub box and a box that my cool box fits into.) I think this works pretty well.

If I were you I would consider cutting yours down, but only get rid of the whole thing if you are planning to fit swivel seat bases. Curtains then make up the difference to shut off the cab. They also keep the cab warmer while driving at this time of year.

Hope this is of use.

07-12-08, 21:09
Yeah, I don't plan on fitting captains seats as i wanted a double passenger seat, so I know the bottom half is definitely staying, it's just wheter to take out the top or not. I'm getting used to the rear visibility now, so windows in the back and view through isn't as high on my priorities list as it once was.