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geting me.van.we painted

08-12-08, 14:53
just given my van to the spray shop to have it spayed in lambo oringe wat do you think about that then.
its gowing to be the longest two weaks ov my life tho
i wd post some pics but avent got a clue how
peace out sebs:ILU:

08-12-08, 15:20
Nice..... i shall keep an eye out for ya ...

Sure you wont be easy to miss....:cool:....


08-12-08, 17:49
you lucky, lucky b*gga, want my van lambo orange, boo hoo cant afford it....:blg:blg:blghsy:hsy:hsy:

Will you make it to the South Wales meet in Porthcawl on 28th December? Will it be finished in time? :dunno: :jmpg

09-12-08, 18:04
looking at getting a respray, how much r u being charged