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gear selection

08-12-08, 22:31

Hi, I have a 99 2.5tdi.
completed full service,normal problem with gear selection.
replaced both plastic balls and the bush,changed the oil and bled the system everything greased and lubricated but unfortunately still got the same fault.
When i engage reverse it normally goes forward,if i slightly lift the stick and then push down it will sometimes engage reverse but not always.
Seems to be luck of the draw.
All the other gears are okay.
The sticks seems floppy,had a good look around but cannot spot anything obvious.
Any advice or direction(preferably reverse) would be appreciated.

09-12-08, 17:59
had a similar problem on a crappy renault megane i had as runabout wilst saving for my t4, turned out to be the engine mounts had collapsed causing the engine and gearbox to tilt slightly, stopped me selecting first unless i lifted reverse collar, get sum one to slowly drive your van forwards with the handbrake on, if it is ur engine mounts that have collapsed, the engine will rock like mad. anyway just an idea mate, maybe worth a look:ILU:

10-12-08, 16:48
Thanks for that mate,checked everything ok.
Still checking!

10-12-08, 17:06
drain some of ur gearbox oil out, and see if its metalic in colour, if it is theres a good chance its an internal gearbox fault