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12-12-08, 16:55
Had my roof down today, still working on this car alarm.

anyway like a prat I snagged something on the arial and its come out a bit, look at the rusty connection I may as well sort it out. Anyone replaced an arial or taken one off? I tried to undo it from above today but the bottom part (in the van) just kept spinning. Looks like a hard job for one person.


12-12-08, 17:19
bit of a mare this but get the pollen filter out the way and undo the aerial connector then you can get a spanner in through the inner panel to undo the locking nut under the aerial base and out it comes. i put a replacement aerial inside the windscreen (after some waster deliberately trashed my aerial) - and just left a hole where the original was - the radio works ok and no pikey waster can break the aerial off again (ha ha what a clever thing to do - break the shiny chrome radio thing) :*

13-12-08, 16:34
****** looks like previous owner has done a right f up of this job prior.


just dan
15-12-08, 10:12
after a buddy of mine helpfully pulled my aerial of then promptly asked if it was meant to do that! i had to replace it however when i went to do this i found another aerial sized hole just next to it so left the nub from the original in it and fitted new one next to it... much easier whole job including wiring took 15 mins max.

15-12-08, 10:18
That hole you just put your arel in is a drain hole for the water that collects around the bottom of screen, should be one the other side also. :ILU:

18-12-08, 22:23
this plastic thing seems to be hard to get off, at the moment the top has a bolt and when turning its spinning underneath quite hard to deal with as one person. Will try some1 at the bottom tomorrow.

On the subject what do you think of these, tcZphotoQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1713.m153.l1262

could look good