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what seats fit into t4s

12-12-08, 18:30
thinking of changing my seates, which are easier to fit and fit pretty much straight in?

12-12-08, 18:35

try hisI:

12-12-08, 18:43
Fiesta MkIV/V seats have almost exactly the same runner width so are very easy to fit and look surprising good (there's a picture on one of our old demo van's here http://www.convertyourvan.co.uk/demonstrator/ )


12-12-08, 18:51
cheers gandt, r u selling all thos seats?, how easy are the saab ones to fit, do u need to make up new bases

12-12-08, 22:13
not me, its T4World who's sellin, and i think he sells only T4 stuff, so they should all fit, i myselfe fitted a pair of blue/black leather Rover MG ZR's in mine and it took me about 2 hours to fit 2 pieces of angle steel to the bases to allow the seats to fit straight on and in to van, any way T4World will help you out on fitting aswell i think, send him a pm for advice, but at his prices i would deffo have a pair off him, especially the merc leathers, yummyI:


13-12-08, 09:52
ive had a 3 piece suite in mine LOL:LOL: