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Ex AA Alternator Part Number

14-12-08, 14:51
Hi all,
Well the alternator has packed in this weekend on the V-force team yellow.
I have taken it off but just want to check that the part number is correct on the one that was fitted, I have done a quick search and the results are showing that it should have a 120A fitted but the details differ from the one I took off here they are below:

14V 90A
074 903 025K (part number)

Any help appreciated to save getting ripped off in the morning.

Cheers Staggiedog


14-12-08, 19:16

will give you an idea of the alts available.....but nowt wrong with using the same one

16-12-08, 14:20
Well it turns out that the alternator was goosed.

Have just bought one from the local German VW stealer a whole 261 euro and with the way the conversion rate is just now that's not cheap, but belive it or not that was cheaper than the local auto parts store who quoted 354 euros :(.

Oh and the part number on the old one is no longer on the shelf and has been replaced by 038 903 018px.

So thats my xmas pressie to the V-Force. Along with the earlier pressie this month of Belts, Clutch & Dual mass flywheel phew what a month :eek: and it's not even xmas yet.
Ah well *<:-)>