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Rear bumper protector thingys...

15-12-08, 22:28

I bought one of those metal bits that go on the back bumper a few years ago. I'll have to have a dig through my box of reciepts to find out where it came from (but I did get a forum discount though!)

I know quite a lot of people have them... so can you tell me where you got yours from?

Also, pictures would help, as there were some different shiny ones I spotted at Vanfest this year...

Ta... H:

15-12-08, 22:40
ade had some (t4srus) at the shows this summer, not sure if he does still but worth asking ?

15-12-08, 22:43
yep he does both the chequer plate ones and the brushed ally ones with the cut grooves.

Jim Doodle
15-12-08, 22:59

Got mine from here

But it was cheaper then and no one else had em...

I m not certain but i think they might be the main dealer of these bumper strips etc,

15-12-08, 23:03
that's nice. :cool:

does the sticky tape really hold it in place...? or does it need something a bit... stronger?

Jim Doodle
15-12-08, 23:12
Yeah it holds just fine, easy to rivet or bolt down if needed.

Steve W
16-12-08, 19:06
Howdy, got mine from cost about 30 i think.

Held in place with rivets so as no one can remove it.

Regards, Steve W....