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ebay van 4 sale

18-12-08, 19:15
have u seen this on ebay item no 260332856232, luvly van but what about the price
about right or too much....

Roleur Coaster
18-12-08, 19:23
I paid 15k for a 53 reg van of almost identical spec. That interior is an RV Tec one, exactly the same as mine.

For your info.

18-12-08, 19:26
how about what engine is in it??

love the

coz thats a deal breaker

looks like a very confused van to me
nice clean heading towards a euro look on the outside
grannyfied oap camper interior that the kids have tried to rescue but putting inappropriate leds all over it. loving the retro buttoned upholstery.......... not. would look good as a gentlemans club chesterfield but in stonewash demin blue.

you could do much better IMO

oh yeah it's over priced

18-12-08, 19:55
A w reg with 106 on it! Is he having a laugh. I am currently trying to sell my van item on ebay


Mine seems to cheap compared to that w reg with 106k. Shall i but some neons in mine?

18-12-08, 20:02
now thats a red van!!!!!!!!!!

obviously you'll need to tell people how "expensive" the side bars are as they won't realise stainless ones should be. then it will sell straight away

18-12-08, 20:07
Ha ha

Yeah its very very red!!

Just changing the add now, I will be adding neons tomorrow.

P.s it has got expensive sidebars on mineLOL:LOL:LOL:LOL: