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Some one might find them useful

20-12-08, 10:17
Drivers electric door mirror, chunk out of outer edge and glass not original SOLD

Seat belt receivers with slides (drivers and passenger) 10 the pair + P&P

Offside rear lens (std) 5 + P&P

20-12-08, 10:45
hi pete you got a pic of the seat belt recievers bud. might be just what im after. cheers *<:-)>

20-12-08, 11:35
Here you go

28-12-08, 12:20
Also have

Front bumper colour coded silver blue 10 (sorry too big to courier)
Rear bumper quarters (off side has a 70mm hole for LPG filler) colour coded silver blue 10 the pair + P&P

2m X 1.2M cellotex (like kingspan) Free to collector

11-01-09, 18:22
No takers then :(

11-01-09, 19:34
What year bumper is it?:)

11-01-09, 19:45
It's from a 93 T: