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1.9 or 2.5 liter Van

20-12-08, 22:56
Can any one tell me the pros and cons between a 1.9 and a 2.5

I currently have 1.9 and was considering getting a 2.5

does it pull better on the hills what fuel economy changes are there ?

Mark W-E


21-12-08, 04:57
The 2.5 gives similar economy to the 1.9 but with more power. The 2.5 is slightly more expensive to maintain.

21-12-08, 08:25
why does it cost more to maintain ?

21-12-08, 09:42
The cam belt changes are dearer, but can't think of anything else.

team french
21-12-08, 09:51
The 2.5 is slightly more expensive to maintain.

but to be fair the 2.5 does 10 thou between services compared to the 1.9s 6 thou. the 1.9td can be tweeked for more power on your driveway for very little money. the 2.5 will cost to get more power(but you will be tweeking the 1.9 to get the power the 2.5 already hasI:) best advise is get a good test drive in a 2.5. people say its the one to have but ive heard some people say they dont like the way it revs compared to a 4cylinder. ive never driven one tho so all i can do is take their word for it

21-12-08, 10:36
The pros and cons are pretty easy:

1. Power
2. Cost

The 1.9/1.9td are clearly less powerfull and the same van with the 1.9 engine will always be cheaper to buy.

I looked at this quite carefully and went for the 2.4. It is plenty powerful, less complex to maintain than a turbo, cheap to buy and excellent on fuel.

I think the 2.4 is a great compromise between the cheapness of the 1.9 and the power of the 2.5

21-12-08, 13:28
2.5 every time, ive had plenty of both and find it a lot easier driving the 2.5, also fuel economy is usually the same if not better as your not having to gas it so much all the time.
That said the 1.9 does the job, just a little more slowly.

21-12-08, 13:42
My 1.9 is arguably on a par with an 88 2.5 after tweaking to fuel/boost - maybe even a little more powerful. And that isn't me that says that, that's someone with FAR more experience of driving all sorts of vans over many years...........

If I'd have wanted 'quick' then I'd be looking elsewhere...............

And as has been mentioned, servicing can be done DIY for next to nowt and the cam belt is considerably less to replace (I always factor in a cam belt change to the purchase price 'just in case' - unless you 100% trust the seller or the history).

I think the bottom line is 'buy the best van you can afford' - take everything into consideration and buy the lowest miles, best looked after, most history and 'honest' van you can and then take the rest as it comes.............

21-12-08, 13:54
If money isn't an issue (as in initial purchase price, not running costs as they seem to be the same) then there's no reason why anyone would go for the 1.9td over the 2.5, it's as simple as that really.

21-12-08, 14:01
Oh and to answer the 'do they pull better up hills' question - yes they do! Much better!

Go have a drive of one, see what you think :)

22-12-08, 21:52
why does it cost more to maintain ?

In addition to what has already been said , if the water pump goes on the 2.5 you need to dive back into the cambelt area to change it. Not so on the 1.9. The 2.5 has a more complicated fuel control system [read computer] that can go wrong. eg air mass meter.
When you replace glowplugs you will need to buy 5 instead of 4. Any engine work that needs a tear down will cost more for the same reason. That said the 1.9 seems to suffer more from the dreaded loose crankshaft pulley.