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Roof Rack & Reimo Multi Rail

22-12-08, 17:13
Has anyone ever fitted a Reimo multi rail and a roof rack without the two fouling one another, does it work and if so what make of roof rack / ladder bars did you fit ? any advice would be welcome
Ta Paxo

24-12-08, 10:21
Are we talking traditional side/gutter mounted roof rack or pucker roof rails ?, personally I would not use trad roof rack would go for rails, see no prob with these Rasp:Rasp:LOL:LOL:

24-12-08, 13:08
Trad roof rack won't work with the Multi Rail as you surmise the rail doesn't allow the roof rack to clamp on to the fold/crimp/edge thingy.

If you wanted both i'd guess you'll need roof rail screwed into the recess in the roof and attach a roof rack to those bars.

Plenty of guys on here have adapted roof rails to fit, try searching for "roof rails" I expct you'll get loads of good info.


01-01-09, 21:27
Thanks for that, it was what I had thought, looks like roof lining is gonna have to come out ! :(

02-01-09, 10:03
For ages I was trying to work out a method of attaching an awning rail to the "uprights" of trad roof bars, but it was going to end up a proper mess around. So fitted roof rails, not really a difficult job, once you have them, just measure and drill really carefully and use loads of sikaflex to seal the holes. Yes the rooflining does have to come out, but not too difficult and at least you can do any wiring, insulating, soundproofing you may have been putting of whilst it's out. Just got to fit an awning rail now !