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Heater only working on full power?

27-12-08, 09:11
Time for me to pick some more inteligent brains than mine (not hard) My heaters only work on setting 4 i have changed the switch but no joy any ideas?:confused:

27-12-08, 09:18
on most vehicles there is a speed regulator which determines the fan speed when you adjust your heater settings 1-4,this is a common problem,i dont know where it is located on the t4 but someone will be along shortly to tell you,*<:-)>

27-12-08, 09:22
I think there is a resistor somewhere in the circuit that burns out only allowing the heater to operate on maximum speed.

I`m not sure where it is though so sorry I cant help any further mate.

27-12-08, 09:23
It will be behind the glovebox. Remove the glovebox and it should be dead centre.

fred 0191
27-12-08, 09:31
just one screw holding it in i think?

27-12-08, 09:43
Thanks for the advice will pull out the glove box i was having nightmares it was going to be a dash out and new heater job:D

fred 0191
27-12-08, 10:08
in the middle of doing that its not that bad of a job mate just looks scarey