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how much should i be payin??

27-12-08, 12:43
well after finally washing the van after 6 weeks it appears that the rust has exploded into action most of it is just surface and little bits at that but i have found a hole where the mid/rear join is on drivers rear side right at the bottom, is this a new sill or can i plate it up?? anyone have any idea of cosying on this, cheers daz

27-12-08, 13:41
You'll find costs will vary wildly, not always cheap=rubbish and expensive=good though, the question you need to ask is who knows of good reputable bodyshops locally and get some quotes from them. Rust will need to cut out or it will be back again.
Sorry I cant be more help.

27-12-08, 14:18
collishine in worcester are good
Unit 3d, Worcester Trading Estate, Worcester, WR3 8HR