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T4 Front Speakers - Help Please

28-12-08, 07:47
Seasons Greetings to one and all.

Have been given some nice new Alpine front speakers for my T4. I tried to prize off the covers yesterday, but they didn't just pop up and I am worried I may damage them. Anyone know how to do it properly?



28-12-08, 08:22
Prize them upwards corner by corner with a flat bladed screwdriver, job done!

29-12-08, 07:19
Prize them upwards corner by corner with a flat bladed screwdriver, job done!

as above mate,bit of gentle persuasion.A:

29-12-08, 08:20
Best to use a suitable trim removal tool as screwdrivers damage plastic!

29-12-08, 09:17
Thanks for the advice guys, worked a treat.

Got the job done, nice new speakers are now in place and I'm very happy.

29-12-08, 13:18
Good work fella!

29-12-08, 21:00
What speakers did you fit ?

I do audio for a living and fitted the Alpine 10's in the dash but have also fitted Kenwood 17's over the old window winders (fitted electric windows) with some spacers, then have Mb quazt in the rears in custom pods above the ex AA racking finished off with sub and amp in front of the gearstick.Headunit is the Pioneer avic X1 bt with digital tv tuner and reverse camera, also have flip down screen for the rear seats.

Sounds the bees and all done on a cheap budget.

If need anymore help give me a shout *<:-)>

05-02-09, 20:10
Do you mind sending me some info about fitting electric windows? I'd be grateful.

12-02-09, 20:08
did the 10" alpines fit well in the dash, were they custom fit?? where can I get some??

12-02-09, 20:21
did the 10" alpines fit well in the dash, were they custom fit?? where can I get some??

there a straight swap they do em in halfords for £30 also ebay £30

Rhosneigr Gaz
12-02-09, 20:21
If you have a basic T4 van with just dash speakers its amazing the difference a set of dash top speakers makes!!!

If u still have the factory fit speakers, it will be the best £20 u ever spent!!

12-02-09, 20:44
I've just put 6x9's in the back and it already sounds wicked but think i've now blown one of the fronts so can't wait to get the dash sorted. halfords at the weekend then it is. So just standard alpine 10cm 2 way 180w do the trick???? Any model number needed??

12-02-09, 20:50
Any 10 2 ways will do mate.........:ILU:

Or get a component speaker set and fit 10's in dasha nd a set of tweeters in the pillars next to your head.:D

not the best pic,but........

12-02-09, 20:51
Im running infinity Kappa 4" fronts (believe it or not built in tweeter and seperate crossover like full components) on a Kenwood amp also running an Infinity reference 10" sub in the rear and it sounds ace. I removed the stock rears as they just distorted and let the system down, roll on front and rear full amped components!!!

12-02-09, 22:10
for novices prize towards the edge of the vehicle.
I just fitted a pair of 60w pioneer 2 ways in the dash nice sound at good price

the factory fit left was blown, made a massive difference, not done the rears yet

14-02-09, 20:06
Thanks for the adcice guys, I put my new 2 ways in the dash today and they sound amazing and really does make a difference. There not that bassey but the 6x9's inder the bed make up for that. I'm now thinking of doing what I said I wouldn't do and go the hole hog. I'm now thinking amp and sub to. Is this wrong of me??T:

14-02-09, 20:10
Surely 10" wont fit in the dash....:eek:... be like having 2 subs either side..plus alot of modding.....LOL:LOL:...

I think 17cm is the correct fitment....i might be wrong but there defo not 10"....


14-02-09, 20:14
Do they mean 10cm 4"? I was thinking to myself god that would be good!

14-02-09, 20:17
Do they mean 10cm 4"? I was thinking to myself god that would be good!

Yea thats what I mean't

14-02-09, 20:20
I was getting excitied then! I took mine out the other day and was thinking what should I put in, 10" speakers would be the shizzle in the dash! May attratc theives though lol

14-02-09, 21:00
you can get them here¬¬


Top quality tunes!!

14-02-09, 21:38
Yep there the ones I got from halfords today and they are much better.

14-02-09, 21:40
I will be taking trip to halfords soon then...A:

when my flip out dvd arrives ...:D...i must upgrade the 1s...

14-02-09, 22:20
yep get down to halfords:confused: