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anyone used this kit

29-12-08, 09:37
hi guys any of you used this kit 9QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
sick of feeling every bump in mine

29-12-08, 14:07
I havn't used them but they look a bit qui to be honest, You get what you pay for at the end of the day, try a h&r kit or kw :ILU:

29-12-08, 14:59
No mate, but I have used H&K kit before, no complaints if its up to the standard i remember
Have also had something off that seller too, cant remember what though, but he was a goodun from what i remember

Hope this is of some help mate :ILU:

09-01-09, 18:54
Hey VwAddict,

Mind I PM'd you last year re raising the suspension up a bit cos my other half was grumbling bout potholes and a cracked spine?

Well this is the kit I eventually went for. Had them on a few months now and not a problem.

Really sits at about -50mm I'd say, but the difference in comfort is well noticeable!!

No more man grumbles!!! Worth 150 in my book!! LOL:

lance2001 t4
09-01-09, 19:01
ive got this kit on mine seems ok to me but this is my first van so ive nuffin to compare with.

10-01-09, 14:23
cheers guys good to hear from you lolarocz hows carrie doin ?

15-01-09, 13:32
cheers guys good to hear from you lolarocz hows carrie doin ?

Aye, she's doin grand!!!

Been travellin all over the place with her last year!! Plenty of road trips to Lunan Bay for surfing weekends!! I'd be lost without the old girl, lol.

See u gone for a team yella this time? Worried u weren't gettin noticed enough?? H:

16-01-09, 17:39
yeah the fact it was a rare colour on a t4 clenched the deal but i was after a multivan this time and this one was a good price done a bit to it since getting it but waiting till its completed before i put the pics up never ending is it :ILU:

the Green Geko
16-01-09, 18:14
why not go for T4SRUS (, top guy great service you know exactly what your getting, cost a little more but you get what you pay for T:

they cost 219 if i can remember, not 100,000,000 :eek: