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awing for up and over tailgate ??

paul ss
29-12-08, 14:26
anyone ever manage to find a supplier of these for a t4 a awaing that goes over the rear so can have rear door open .

have seen one on t5 before anyone able to source one for a t4 ????


29-12-08, 14:40
There was a guy at Oktober fest selling them but they were about 200:eek:
If I can find his website I will put a link up

29-12-08, 15:23
There was a chap on this website with "Access to an industrial sewing machine". He was asking for ideas, this came up but I don't think we heard from him. Possibly the number of requests for just such a 'cover' was too much for him to complete? Cheers, Tony.

29-12-08, 15:37
gonna make my own seems quite simle tbh, ground sheet and a load of popper things like on coats then some sterdy poles and pegs will stick some photos up when i have sorted it out

29-12-08, 16:29
Heres the ones I was talking about they are 200 not the 300 I first thought, he does T4 and T5 one
Tailgate Awning ( link in third post

29-12-08, 20:38
I was looking at this from Reimo. Price isnt' too bad and seems quite a good solution.


30-12-08, 10:03
Or, you could just buy a toilet tent for 36.99...
they seem a bit pointless and overpriced to me.

You'd surely be better off with a large frame tent or a decent awning... I:

31-12-08, 07:50
There was a guy selling them at Vanfest. Seems a good idea if quick to put up and down, but his looked very dark and dingy in my opinion. Needed some window panel or lighter material. And pricey. A quick erect gazebo is bigger, just as stable in the wind, a quarter of the price and can be left in position when you drive off! I: