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Flat spot driving me crazy - help please

29-12-08, 20:24
Any ideas?

Have a petrol 2.5 syncro with a flat spot between 1.8 k and 2k and then 3.5 k and 3.8 k revs.

No air leaks, HT leads all replaced, lambda seems ok.

Any suggestions ...

Seems to run better of start then when hot more noticeable "kangaroo" action in flat spot?


30-12-08, 09:48
is the fuel pump okay

30-12-08, 16:50
is the fuel pump okay

Either side of the revs as above runs well, over 3.8K is particularly good and runs on to over 100mph so can only presume pump OK


30-12-08, 17:00
i have had that befor

check the battery,

sounds daft i know, but if the battery is poor it wont help because at different revs the engin is doing different things too so it could be that!

well thats what the man at the garage told me, either he was honest and fleesed me of 100 notes H:

run fine after that!

30-12-08, 19:45
Could be a temp sensor, giving a false reading