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is there a london T4 meet/club

30-12-08, 15:13
hi there is there a meet or a club in london or is there some boys from london whos got T4's

Big Bad Bear
30-12-08, 15:22
Hi, there are quite a few of us around the Big Smoke and the London Meet is at the Ace Cafe in Nth London second Tuesday of every month

30-12-08, 15:24
cool big bad bear im just down the road from you woolwich

Big Bad Bear
30-12-08, 15:29
Nice one, good to get more people nearer I have been to Ace meet a few times but it still clocks A 60 mile round trip for me, the Essex meet is nearer but Keith has sold his Van and is looking for someone to take over. if we could find a meeting place over this way im sure we could sort a few more Members to attend (any ideas)

30-12-08, 15:39
big bad bear i used to do all the T2 bay meets all over but its not for me no more FREZZZZZING my oIo of haha well we got blue water, blackheath, thats all i can think of wich is free but you never no some think mite come up but i still thinking

Big Bad Bear
30-12-08, 15:47
Have thought of Bluewater but not sure how their security would take to us filling the car park but worth investigating? Blackheath I heard recently the council started moving the trucks on from the tea stall :eek: plus ive had a few dodgy looking burgers from there late at night :* I wouldnt mind taking the lead on a meet it's just getting the venue then the interest


30-12-08, 15:57
Chris the thing with bluewater its right on top of essex and being in kent there mite be a few coming ill phone a m8 who works over there and see what he says but i no all the boy racers go to lackside and its just over the bridge from south side

Big Bad Bear
30-12-08, 16:02
Im sure if we could make it a poss meet we could have a essex and Kent joint, I know there are a few in deeper Kent that would make the journey as the only nearer one is the Hazzard Club meet in Ashford but that is mainly Air cooled

30-12-08, 16:11
chris i just found this its a toyota meet at bluewater so it dus go on

30-12-08, 16:12
Ace Cafe in Nth London second Tuesday of every month

Chris, think you may be there on your own mate, 3rd Tuesday of each month I:

Be good to see your there Millwall :ILU:

Big Bad Bear
30-12-08, 16:24
chris i just found this its a toyota meet at bluewater so it dus go on

Sounds like a plan, next to the Cimema so you could go and get a coffee :D
Just need to sort a time and Day that suits then drum up some interest

Simon Cheers for that good job you here :jmpg

30-12-08, 16:36
hi reimoboy thanks for that and chris i have just phoned my m8 who works over there and he says thay do go on at there as long as there no numnuts no burnouts and the police wont come so it mite happen but ill find out more 2mo
cheers dude

30-12-08, 21:46
Evening Gentlemen - Regional meet Essex/Kent sounds good.

Post your meets up in here -

I'm sure many from the Ace Cafe would make the effort to attend to get things moving.