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its deep end time

31-12-08, 14:37
i have my springs from t4's rus, do i lower the fron 40mm aswell as the back

31-12-08, 14:42
Wind em down till its level:ILU:

31-12-08, 14:43
lower the same, or maybe a little bit more for that raked look. Remember though 40mm in ride height isn't the same as winding the torsion nut down 40mm. Try about 20mm on the threads to start with and see where you are.

31-12-08, 14:49
lower the front more than the back:ILU:


31-12-08, 20:39
would reccomend front down slightly but do it a bit at a time and take for a drive in between to gauge what you think is comfortable harder to wind back up if you go to far

01-01-09, 20:33
as above mate,give the back a chance to settle in....:ILU:

02-01-09, 15:38
Keep it level if you can, you'll soon get :*ed off when the slider shuts on you legs if the fronts down too much. Also you'll be surprised how much difference a few mm make between the front being real "bangy" or comfy. Put the front of mine back up 10mm after learning from this. If you use your van a lot it'll be much more driveable and comfy if it aint too low on std shocks.

02-01-09, 16:15
To add to this i have a set of t4rus 60mm springs which i have not yet fitted.

Would it be ok to wind the front down 60mm or should i wait till i can afford shocks and fit both at the same time i want the van to be low but not uncomfortable.

Also dont carry any weight, 800 special by the way.

02-01-09, 17:39
You'll be ok at -60, but it just may be a bit less plush !