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Boring question about starting

31-12-08, 16:59
Hi all
Hope everyone's having a cool new years night.
being a boring g:*t I thought I'd post a problem on here instead of the festivities.
I've got a 1996 1.9td and this week it's developed a starting problem.
From Cold It turns over and after a few seconds stops firing and just clicks (sounds like a motor spinning without anything else happening, doesn't even sound like the engine is craking around at all) This happens a few times beforeI have eventually got it started.
I tried the cold start lever thing and it idn't seem to make any difference.
Once it's hot it starts first turn of the key with no problems at all so it must be the cold but is there a fix that works for anyone else if they've got the same problem?
Any help would be great, don't really want to get stranded. lol
Thanks and happy new year

31-12-08, 20:31
sounds like your starter motor is knackered when its warm it wont need to work as hard which could explain why it starts then