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Planning a big self service (well, big for me)

01-01-09, 21:22
Hello all.
I got quite a bit of work I can do on the van now.

I'd like to learn as much as I can by doing as much as I can myself. I haven't done much work myself though so,

Would anyone out there like to act as mentor (paid) while I work on everything, and be there for me when it all goes up.

Things I would like to do (in order of need)

Replace Clutch Master hydraulic O-Ring seal
Replace grommit under brake/clutch fluid
Coolant Flush and, (if easy to remove the sensor) RadSeal it because the coolant is a little red edit: that'll be the G-12 coolant spec. So I'm looking for `Havoline DEX-Cool`... but this has caused problems in the U.S... so what Coolant to use?
100k service: oil change, oil filter change, pollen filter, air filter to K&N (or perhaps I can wash it?)
Fix the flipping horn to something that won't break
Air gun on the bumper, push it out again
Chat and scope up Eberspacher Hydronic fitting

I'm away on work at the moment but I'd like to order everything I need ready when when I get back. I wonder what the best way to do that is;

get it all through trade parts and save postage
use ebay, here and scrappies

I also need to order the tools I'll need to do it. What will I need?

Another thing that would be useful is a warm garage to work on it. I would like to learn as much as I can. I get the general idea, but it's a different thing doing something hands on to theory.

I'm in the Bournemouth area, but willing to travel for a garage, tools and a friendly face.