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Servicing and Belts - Somerset

02-01-09, 20:40

Can anyone recomend a good garage for servicing and camb belts etc change, for my t4 in somerset/dorset.


02-01-09, 22:21
Do a search on Country Garage in Oake just outside of Taunton for the phone number; the place is run by Ben who is really good, honest bloke, won't rip you off and specialises in VDubs I take my T4 there for everything. Worth a call.

Roleur Coaster
02-01-09, 23:05
Or you could give DCBs a ring in Yeovil. Use them for all my servicing, recently did full timing belt, etc,. change and minor service for about 300 all in.

Defo won't rip you off, good quality service. They are also BMW specialists.

Tell them Andy Parsons sent you.

03-01-09, 00:05
Got to recomend a mate of mine who works as a mobile mechanic around the Taunton area, although he is at this minute sorting out premises. Coming from a VW dealership, and owning several T4's himself, he is pretty hot on them.

He trades under the name J M Autos (John Marshall)

He services both of mine and the rest of my works vehicles. Am booking him in to do my belts on my latest T4 as soon as I can sell my car.( Build budget at its limit:( )

PM me if you want his details. (Am trying to get him on the forum as he has a wicked T4)A:

Hope this helps.