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Dont you just f%$&*ing hate when

03-01-09, 20:30
people modify things wrongly .i finally got motivated today to fit my towbar as ive been planning to do it every day of my holidays and its back to work on monday.
anyway i braved the cold and drove the van round to my lockup and stuck it up on the ramps which is a task in itself as the bullbar grounds when the rear is up .after much wd 40 and straining got all the standard bumper bolts off only to discover when i went to fit the mounting plates that the muppet who had the van before has moved the bleeding back box mountings so they foul the towbar and i cant get it fitted .im planning to fit a full double exit stainless system on it anyway but havent found a supplier yet .but the previous owner of the van has had a makeshift stainless back box welded on to the standard rear tailpipe and has had the original brackets removed so until i get the exhaust done i cant fit my towbar .
bleeding pain aswell as the builders are starting the house extension next week and i need to move my trailer out of the drive and round to my garage .
anyway needed to get that rant of my chest just remember when your modding not to bugger it up for the next owner

03-01-09, 20:48
why not just cut the back box off and let it vent out under the van - fit towbar and move trailer tomorrow....

.... might be a bit louder !!

TDI Dave
04-01-09, 12:43
why not just cut the back box off and let it vent out under the van - fit towbar and move trailer tomorrow....

.... might be a bit louder !!

Agreed i chopped my blocked back box off and it didntg reall sound any louder at all and the pipe under the van didnt need any extra support result just a sooty spare wheel 2.5tdi

04-01-09, 13:02
theres a few silencers along the way so cutting the back wont be too much trouble or loud i should not of thought!

bits when people do things up for you thought i feel your pain!

big hugs mate! i know you supported me in the last week!

04-01-09, 15:37
thanks guys managed to borrow a car with towbar to haul the trailer out so takes the pressure off .really need to source a stainless exhaust fitter/manufacture now and get my new zorst done as the front pipes starting to blow anyway and the back box is a diy disaster ( previous owner not me ) was just in a foul mood after finally getting of my ass to do it and then couldnt :ILU:

04-01-09, 15:42
bit of a trek for you but custom chrome in nuneaton make them up on your vehicle around 350 for a full system.

04-01-09, 16:00
dont leave it till last day to do it??