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Swan Neck Tow Bar

T5 Aid
04-01-09, 13:02
Brink Swan Neck Tow Bar for Sale 50

will fit vans with Early style bumpers. (Not like mine with the new type bumpers:() Comes complete with electriic socket.


T5 Aid
05-01-09, 20:17
anyone, can deliver with in 50 miles or so

TDI Dave
05-01-09, 20:23
were you struggling to light your ciggy? sa lorra maches I:

T5 Aid
06-01-09, 06:57
Naaaa Was struggling to get me gas touch light to heat on of the bolts. Theres alway one that wont budge.:D

T5 Aid
13-01-09, 17:00
Still got it

T5 Aid
23-02-09, 06:17
Anyone inetersted

23-02-09, 09:11
Does this require any drilling of the chassis rails or is it a bolt in job to exisitng holes/threads ?

What's the issue fitting it with the later bumpers ?



T5 Aid
23-02-09, 15:23
all the holes are already there. This tow bar fits behind the bumper and replaces the bumper mounts. Meaning that all you see when its fitted is a neat swan neck and no big metal bars. As the latter bumpers have different mounts they won't fit to this tow bar.

Southern Softie
01-03-09, 16:27
Im interested in it , trouble is Im down in Bournemouth so collection could present a bit of a problem , Would you be able to box it / wrap it up and send me some dimensions and weight etc as Ive possibly got a courier who can collect it .

Cheers Glenn

T5 Aid
01-03-09, 23:02
Im sure i could find some thing to wrap it in, if your interested.

Southern Softie
02-03-09, 18:29
cool you have a pm :ILU:

02-03-09, 21:55
May be interested in this if you still have it.

Southern Softie
09-03-09, 09:43
Cheers Ady , came through this morning , looks great, guess I know what I'll be up to later :)