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DANCING ON ICE or Not !!!!!

05-01-09, 22:35

comments welcome im sure the driver will be so pleased to read them if he not embarassed enough

05-01-09, 22:37

the Green Geko
05-01-09, 22:38
my god worst night mare, hope it wasn't damaged to much :eek:

05-01-09, 22:45
Well thats one way to park it!:eek: No one hurt i hope?!

05-01-09, 22:52
Have you recovered it yet?

05-01-09, 23:09
what's the damage? was it drivable?:eek::eek:

05-01-09, 23:12
As bad as it looks the gods were smiling it pulled out without even a mark on it
only the driver needed new pants

05-01-09, 23:35
That's lucky escape (for the bodywork!)

Could have inflicted some serious damage in a ditch that deep.

paul ss
05-01-09, 23:57
i pulled a porsche turbo out other week , had come across rounderbout and spun it as going onto dual carriage way while giving it some welly .

was well stuck in the ditch broke a 5ton ratchet strap

ended up going and getting shougun out and using winch to drag it out and was just bit muddy he drove it home just needing a polish :eek:

just as started pulling it out t5 cop car went down other side theres me ****ting myself as had smashed windscreen and no tax on shougun only used it for 2mins I:

looks like you was lucky also as no damage was caused

06-01-09, 06:21
Blimey - Bet that was a bit scarey, did you htink it might have gone right over ... still could have been a few feet earlier and taken the sign out as well :eek:

Just trying to find a positive side for you :D

Hope minimal damage


06-01-09, 07:13
That sure was lucky but i bet the driver had a moment, and good another T4 stopped also :ILU:

06-01-09, 09:33
just aswell it wasnt any other make of van!
you might have been done for fly tipping!

06-01-09, 09:36
good another T4 stopped also :ILU:

I: nah probably just seeing if there was owt worth taking off it for his van!!

TDI Dave
06-01-09, 13:24
If its anyone on here please inspect the underside for brake pipe damage or owt else

Glad no one was hurt :ILU: just bruised pride ehh

weve all been there ahhheeemmmmm

except in this case the whole car bent and front doors would no longer close at all hehe

06-01-09, 13:25
Its hard to believe that no damage was caused tbh!

06-01-09, 14:20
Looks SERIOUSLY icy there though. Pleased all OK :ILU:

pure t4
06-01-09, 14:42
where was that is it just us that are this icy or is the rest of the country the same my village looks just like that couldnt get out my street yesterday morning has a slight hill and was so frozen had no grip.looks like he went in slowly or that could have been a lot worse as the top of the a pillar was first point of impact

06-01-09, 16:20
Hi, I am the guilty driver..... And I am a member of the forum just havenít posted in a while......... and it wasnít the luckiest event in the world the other t4 turning up as we are business partner and he was P*SS*D. The other van driver is fanatic snake and took great delight in taking pictures of my plight. I would have rather had anybody else from the forum stop!!!!

However a big thanks to everybody who has posted, as you have all shown concern and it is very much appreciated.

I canít quite believe how lucky I have been, The van could have quite easily of been damaged beyond repair if it had made contact with the bank, but someone was looking down on me. There is not damage on the van at all, I have climbed underneath 3 times yesterday and doubled checked today.

Anyway happy new year to all, and thanks for the kind comments...