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fit a bra or not too fit a bra

06-01-09, 00:13
was giving the ol' van a wash this morning (wow it was cold ) and noticed the bonnet was getting some serious beating this winter .

so do i fit a bra do they breath or will i end up with water getting trapped in there

had a look on fleabay and there are a few different ones to go for

any input i could have would be great

Mark W-E

06-01-09, 07:37
have had a bra fitted to my bonnet now for over a year and no probs with paint at all.think it only really effects new paint jobs,just remember to take off and clean underneath every now and again.

Try C-M-C for a bra,mine has lasted a fare old bit of time....:ILU:

06-01-09, 08:07
I'm with coleset4. Had mine on for 2 years and no probs at all.
It does come off from time to time (so I can wash and polish the bonnet) but hasn't affected the paint yet.
Again from Mike at CMC and more than happy with it :ILU:

the Green Geko
06-01-09, 08:46
Yep the guys above are right, but if you read other threads on this then you'll read others have had big problems with keeping there bra's on like paint bubbling and old chips getting worse.

I've just got a bra from Mike at CMC, he's a top guy. I'm only gonna put mine on for big trips, meets and weekends away. I always make sure i wash and wax the van/bonnet before the bra goes on.

The rule of thumb i guess is always take off regulaly and let the bonnet breath and wash it.

The bras are UPVC and are not breathable, the black bra's are felt backed but not sure about the checked ones, mines not where its checked.

hope this helps, here mine :D