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2.5 Petrol Caravelle

06-01-09, 21:31
Hi, My wife is about to take a job which involves er driving much further to work than currently and we may need to sell the van and get something a bit more conventional. Gutted .:....but here is a question for you. Any thoughts on what it is worth as I think it is quite rare . I am not sure whether this means its worth more or less currently in this very strange economic climate. Views please.
It is a caravelle with a 2.5 5 cylinder petrol auto. (honest!) 51 Reg, twin sliders (v useful)and climate control front and rear. It has electric windows mirrors etc. I have all eight seats, it has done 105 K miles. I am the second owner and have had it for 3 years in July. I have paid for a gear box rebuild, and a new steering rack in last 12 months. It is silver and has the odd scuff and parking dent, so by no means show condition but does shine up quite well. I have a pretty basic bed platform conversion which makes the vehicle a useful weekender with silver screens and the swivelling passenger seat, and unit which makes a buddy seat. It had 2 new tyres last week at 120 quid !

We probably getting no more than 20 mpg, which is fine when we all all off for a weekend somewhere but as a daily driver in town it is quite thirsty. I would be interested to hear from you guys (and girls) what you feel it would be priced at current time.

07-01-09, 07:41
keep it and get it converted to LPG!